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I received 1 Prolozone Injection and couldn’t be happier with the results.  It has been 2 weeks since my treatment from Dr. Hanson and the biggest difference I have noticed post procedure is the ability to walk down stairs without pain. After 7 right knee surgeries throughout my college football career the last thing I wanted to do was go back under the knife when my knee started locking up during recreational softball games.  I had a scope scheduled to clean out scare tissue but after weighing the cost vs benefits decided to hold off.  I would have had to max out my deductible ($5,000) for the surgery. The scary part is there was no guarantee a scope would improve my mobility. Thank goodness I waited and found an alternative treatment.

Thank you Embody Wellness and Dr. Hanson!


Erik Elkington-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

After shoulder surgery I struggled to make solid progress in the early months. Dr. Hanson and Embody wellness shared the benefits of Prolozone treatment. I felt amazing results within days. I've noticed a quicker recovery after workouts and much less pain than before. I'm now a firm believer in Ozone treatment.


Matt Pino-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

A member of my family suffered for 30 years with back pain and received significant pain relief after just one shot to his back. Completely amazing!

Tori Trask-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

I wanted to let you know that yesterday; the day after my first prolozone treatment I had about 60% less pain and today about 90%. It feels like a true miracle. This is the first time in 3 years that it doesn’t hurt to sneeze. Like you said “I may need a couple more treatments”. But for now I feel very appreciative. Thank you so much! (Back and hip pain)


Kristin Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

If you have any joint issues go see Dr. Hanson. He's amazing! I've been so happy with my progress and it is definitely life changing. He listens, has a great bedside manner, and knows what he's doing. I've had prolozone shots in my neck, shoulder, back. I wish I could inject every joint in my body. I have no idea why in 14 years, not one medical doctor has ever suggested ozone to me. They only wanted to give pain pills, steroids, sleeping pills, and anti depressants that don't fix the pain. Ozone is common practice in other countries and there is a study for discs being injected after 5 and 10 years which is very positive.

Apples C (yelp name) (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I just finished my 4th session with Dr. Hanson.  My shoulder is totally pain free, did not require treatment this session and is back to normal.  My hip that was diagnosed as needing replacement, is now 95% pain free and has allowed me to Alpine ski 5 times this winter and backcountry ski on a 3 day wilderness snow camp trip with a 50# pack.  Amazing results!  Thank you Dr. Hanson and Embody Wellness.

Jim Stoll-Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

I'm amazed how well and how quickly the “o-zone” works to eliminate pain. I suffer from a 12year old rotator cuff tear injury. After getting an injection recently, I was completely pain free in 48 hours. Now I can do my PT correctly and get my life back. Thanks, Barbara Z, Auburn.

Barbara Z (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Two weeks ago I received a prolozone injection from Dr. Hanson. I have had chronic back pain for twenty years with severe degenerative disc disease per x-ray and have seen doctors and taken nsaids. I had a recent exacerbation of back pain lasting about a month prior to the injection. Immediately After the prolozone injection my back pain was almost gone. I currently have no pain. If you have joint pain and want a treatment that actually heals the tissue I would recommend this to anyone. It is safe, pain free and inexpensive.

Casey O'keefe (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I have no remaining meniscus and as a result have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I was scheduled for double knee replacement surgery in the Bay Area 18 months ago; however, about three weeks before my  scheduled surgery I had a consultation with Dr. Jeff. He suggested an alternative treatment of Prolozone injections. I began treatment with Dr. Jeff that day and felt such immediate improvement in reduction of knee pain and increased mobility that I cancelled the knee surgery. Routinely since then, about every six months I receive prolozone injections from Dr. Jeff in both knees. I have experienced similar positive results after each treatment. I have recommended others with joint problems to Dr. Jeff and they have also experienced similar results. Thanks, Dr. Jeff!!

Bill Butler (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Yes it was like a miracle. I have been struggling with TMJ for a while and went to a prosthodontist to get a splint fitted to correct it ($2400) and it will take a year and a half to correct. I go to Dr. Hanson and get one shot of prolozone and the jaw is totally pain free and also my tooth stopped hurting which was affected by the TMJ pain. I thank my dentist Dr. Saffari for referring me to your office. I understand that this treatment is supposed to rebuild and repair the joint so that will be great no to have to suffer this TMJ pain again.

Thank you so much!

Dori Childress-Prolozone (Dr.Hanson)

I began seeing Dr. Hanson for neck problems so severe I could not lift anything over 10lbs. If I did too much or lifted something I had a severe headache for two days. I have come in 4-5 times for prolozone injections and now have my life back. I can lift, keep my head turned for extended periods of time and after hip injections sleep on my side again! I suffered for 4 years with nothing the doctors could do. My life is changed.


Bet Kolstad-Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

Hello Doc,

This is Richard from Quebec, Canada. Two years ago I was due for surgery and instead chose to get a shot of prolozone from you and never had issues with my knee again, it’s been two years. Just wanted to thank you!


Richard Daigle (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I am happy to report that my pain is down from a 10 to a 1 after my
Prolozone shots.. Thank you so much!

Nick Gardner (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Hello my name is Cindy; my journey to health began over 20 years ago at around age 30.  I was a young mother of three living what seemed to be a dream life when I began feeling ill. My feet and ankles would swell to the point, I could not wear shoes, not to mention the pain that kind of swelling causes. I also had so much pain in my wrists that I had to wear wrist braces on both hands. I had difficulty holding a 16 oz glass of water using both hands. I began loosing my hair and continued to have unexplainable weight gain; I also suffered from serious mood swings, several Dr.s wanted to dismiss some of these symptoms to menopause and stated that its just part of life. I looked and felt very old and decrepit

I had been put through all the tests including … heart evaluations and multiple blood tests that came out  " NORMAL" and even a trip to the Mayo clinic to find out what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia and Lupus, but still this did not explain all that was wrong with me. With nowhere to turn for answers I began my journey by simply eating real food and eliminating chemicals. I made my first appointment with a naturopath who informed me that the body wants to heal itself but needs the proper nutrition to do so. Many of our foods today lack the nutrition we need because of the poor soil conditions; which means we have to be more diligent about where we get and what kind of foods we put into our body. I began feeling better.

I since have relocated from my journeys beginnings and had to find someone to guide me to complete wellness and I found Maryann. She has taught me even more about how the body works and re-enforced some of what I had already have learned. THE BODY WORKS AS A WHOLE AND TO TREAT JUST ONE   PART OR SYMPTOM MIGHT NOT FIX THE REAL PROBLEM. SYMPTOMS ARE JUST THE MESSAGE SYSTEM OUR BODIES HAVE TO LET US KNOW THERE IS A MALFUNCTION. I now do not have the pain or the swelling or any of those terrible symptoms that were so disabling to me. I have lost over 50 lbs and feel like I can meet the challenges life has to offer.


On another note not that having health issues isn't enough I also was in a car accident that made my face go numb with loss of use of my right hand and also my lower back became so unstable that I could not walk 5 houses down the street without wetting my pants or loosing feeling in my legs. I had an MRI done and the neurosurgeon wanted to fuse my spine. I knew there had to be another way, being that I had been on such a journey with my health and found real results.   I did some research and found prolo therapy, what did I have to loose, if it didn't work?  The life limiting surgery, never be able to do things like riding a horse, snow ski or motorcycle amongst some of my favorites, would still be waiting for me. Surgery meant I could not do things, not that I could right then but I still had hope of the possibility of re gaining full mobility. Surgery would eliminate that possibility. So I started with prolo therapy about 2 years ago and had about 8 treatments. It took a while because the injury was so bad. Improvements were slow but steady and taking the first walk down the street without wetting my pants was excitedly welcomed. By the way prolo therapy hurts a lot. When DR. Hanson joined with Embody Wellness not only was it closer for me but also I trusted Maryann so I decided to give it a try.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE  Prolozone is an amazing therapy!!! Not only does it hurt a whole lot less than regular prolo but also there are comparatively less shots, for example with prolo there is a bout 25 shots to treat an area while prolozone needs only one or two to treat the same area.  I also feel that the amount of improvement from each treatment is greater.  When I would get prolo done I would be out of commission for three days not able to walk, with prolozone I drive myself and within a few hours feel better.

I am now free from the ailments that kept me imprisoned in my sick and broken body and can live a fulfilling life, So if you ever have the chance to meet me in person I will probably be on the snowy ski slopes, in the back woods on my horse or riding my four-wheeler up and down the highest sand duns, feeling and looking great. I will tell you, " IT WORKED!!"

If your contemplating; How to get well, I have no hesitation in guiding you to Maryann or Dr Hanson, depending on what ails you, but always remember the body is all connected and it needs good nutrition and balance to heal internally and physically. It takes time and work. I have the whole world of possibilities waiting for me… Why settle for anything less?



Sincerely Cindy  "Free at last"


Cindy Holden (Maryann Simpson, NP and Dr. Hanson)

First Treatment for my husbands back pain was reduced  over 50% within one week... then 75% within 3 weeks!   Amazing. We both are thrilled! They recommend another for more improvement!

I will post again soon!  My husband had back issues for decades and he is singing the praises of Dr Hansen!  He's on maintenance and is very happy!  Highly recommend to try before contemplating surgery!!

Gloria B (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Hi Dr. Jeff this is Jon Tom –you gave a prolozone treatment to my mom Jean and girlfriend Lori on Monday. Just wanted to let you know that both have been great successes! Jean literally woke up yesterday and just got right up out of bed and has been walking around and getting up from sitting like she never had the condition; and Lori said her knee felt like she was 15. Thanks for your professionalism and skill!

Jon Tom (Prolozone-Dr. Hanson)

My mom’s knee surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, Oct 31st. I am happy to report that she has cancelled her surgery. She is doing much better and is continuing to improve. Had it not been for your treatments she would be getting ready for surgery now. Thank you so much for all that you do to help assist the body to heal itself and allow patients to lead a normal life again.



When I stop to count my blessings, I put Mary Ann and Embody Wellness at the top of my list. I have referred several friends who have been helped just as well. Deep thanks and stellar organization for all their excellent care!

Mary Ann started seeing me when I was desperate to regulate my hormones. I was swollen, lethargic, suffered from insomnia and overall exhaustion. She is the first practitioner to sit down and talk to me. She didn’t stare at the computer or judge me. She listened. She didn’t throw medication at me, she came up with a plan.

Within a month, people started telling me I looked great. (The swelling was subsiding). Though I am not a hundred percent yet, I am making progress. She has encouraged me to change the way I think about food as well as my health. I wish more doctors practiced like Mary Ann does. She is an asset to the profession and a necessity to her patients.

Kristina Wiley, DDS. (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 1, 2016

I have been been fortunate to have received medical services from Maryann for years. Maryann is not only a wonderful health care professional she is also caring and compassionate individual. She treats her patients with care and understanding. She listens to everything you have to say and comes up with a plan that best suits you as an individual.

She is never hurried for time because she plans accordingly. Maryann is very knowledgeable in the bioidentical hormones as well as proper diet and nutrition. As I said in the beginning I have been so fortunate to be part of clientele because she helped me regain my health and control my hormones. I am grateful for all she has done for me.

Judi Hunt (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

Mary Ann listened to me far more than my doctor and helped me with bio-identical therapy which has really helped me with hot flashes. She is terrific and I highly recommend her.

Laurie Johnston (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

I want to thank Mary Ann Simpson for her very professional and practical care. I was in great need of assistance, and my sister referred me to her. During my initial visit with her, Mary Ann very professionally and kindly explained my options, and the pros and cons of different treatments.

She listened to me and answered my many questions with great patience and thoroughness. She was available for follow-up through email and phone contact, and helped me through some difficult situations. I have greatly benefited from her care. I would highly recommend Mary Ann to anyone in need of these services.

Laura Whitworth (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

Mary Ann has the knowledge, expertise & wisdom to help women with their health issues. I am 57 and have been struggling with sleepless nights for seven years. After my consultation I followed Maryann’s suggestions. I have more energy and my sleep patterns are much improved! She also has an abundance of knowledge about nutrition and alternative options. I highly recommend Mary Ann Simpson. She is priceless to me.

Kirsten Kraus (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

I have been a patient of Mary Ann for many years. Not only is she a very knowledgeable and caring individual but she also takes the time to listen to your concerns and work with you on a one-to-one basis. I would definitely recommend Mary Ann to anyone who is looking for a viable alternative to the status quo medical treatment that we all receive from our general practitioners.

Janice Singleton (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

The last few years, I have had problems gaining weight. I had large spells of fatigue, and felt sick all the time. I went to at least three doctors to run test after test to try to find the cause. They ran bloodwork and would find inconsistencies but never an answer or solution. I still continued to lose weight until I was barely 90 pounds. They said it was due to stress and me being vegan, which never quite added up.

My husband was by my side through the entire journey, and knew first hand the problems I was experiencing.we had the same diet, and he had no issue with weight. He met Maryann’s husband, and after a conversation came home with her card and information for me. At first I was not in a hurry to go. I had honestly lost hope in finding out the problem and was starting to believe it was in my head.

For the next few months we decided to try finally for a baby. With no luck, I went back to my doctors and OB for advice. They said the same- start eating meat, eat ice cream fattening foods. They said I wasn’t built to carry a child. I went home depressed and we began looking into adoption. My husband luckily wouldn’t let me give up. He knew there was some underlying problem. He again mentioned Maryann, and that she worked with women and she had a holistic view which was a fresh view compared to the doctors I had been seeing. I was very nervous at the consult. I had an extensive medical history with surgeries and tests that I hated talking about, and had started to feel very uncomfortable in medical environments. She was very thorough, and took lots of notes while we talked for over an hour. She right off the bat, recommended things for me to drink to help with my stomach issues then not only ordered new blood tests but asked to see my old ones as well. She then determined I had a platelet disorder, which is very rare (and had never been noticed prior) . Two months after seeing her and applying the changes she had proposed, I started to sleep, and was able to eat and gained ten pounds. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant. I am now due in two days.

Throughout the pregnancy I have seen a hematologist and specialists because of my blood disorder. If I didn’t go see Maryann, I don’t think I would have been able to get pregnant; but even if I did I never would have known about the platelet disorder. At first the hematologist and obgyn weren’t convinced that the condition had been missed for my entire life- and insisted on running even more tests. They all confirmed her findings and without her I am convinced I never would have known about it. The condition can be genetic so I am now very educated on the condition for myself and child. I am so incredibly thankful, and recommend her to everyone who has health issues that are beginning to affect their everyday life. Thank you !

Heather Padilla (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

I first met Mary Ann in 1999…she was my NP through UCDavis. I was a Medi-Cal patient. I was pregnant with my 2nd child.

This is a bit of an awkward review for me, because it deals with issues I’m not sure about. Honestly, it isn’t even so much about the business as it is the woman.

At any rate, I was 22 years old when I first met Mary Ann. Since i was 15 years old i had what is, very apparently, a common disease called fibrocystic breast disease. It is painful. It is scary. It is confusing.

Fibrocystic breast disease caused huge masses to form in my breasts. I had 3 on each breast…and they were huge. When they were not flared up i was a B cup. When they were flared up i was a D cup. And they hurt…they hurt so much that I couldn’t manage anything more than a fast walk.

When I was 20-years old working at a horticultural nursery one of the masses busted. Black fluid started leaking from my nipple. I went to a doctor (private insurance) and was told it was excess hormones, and i just had to live with this disease for the rest of my life.

So I did. I went about my life cautiously. I didn’t hug people, i didn’t run, I didn’t eat or drink caffeine or enjoy chocolate…because apparently those are triggers. None of it helped, and i just figured that this pain was normal, and i should remain distant.

Queue to my present life and i see how the omission of such a low-level, pervasive pain impacts a human being.

You see, when i saw Mary Ann for my OB visit when i was pregnant with my 2nd child I told her about the fibrocystic breast disease. I was only semi-flared at the time. Only in a minor amount of pain. She listened to me very conscientiously, and proceeded with my exam quite professionally. As she finished her exam, a heat flared across my chest.

I kid you not. The last two seconds that her hands were conducting my breast exam were the last two seconds that i suffered from fibrocystic breast disease. I didn’t realize it at the time, i was too embarrassed because my nipples turned hard as rock and my entire skin contracted. It certainly was not sexual, what I felt, but it manifested that way…at least to the 22-year-old me.

Things have changed a bit. I don’t have fibrocystic breast disease anymore. And i thank Mary Ann for that. I didn’t change anything about my lifestyle or my diet. I simply talked to her for a few minutes and honestly assumed that i’d be disregarded as a Medi-cal patient. Instead, i was healed of a pervasive disease.

Honestly, i still don’t get it. Still don’t understand. And still attribute it to the woman who did the healing.

Jennifer M (Maryann Simpson, NP) June 2, 2016

Maryann was the first medical care provider who listened to me and understood my issues. She basically predicted what my labs would say! Thanks to supplements and diet changes I'm on the road to recovery. Everyone in the office has been so kind and helpful.

Jaime Layton (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

MaryAnn Simpson and her staff have been instrumental in helping me on my whole body wellness path. She has helped improve my quality of life and her practice has helped me in my healing process from a very traumatic experience.

She really cares and loves all of her patients, and she takes that care to the next level in every way. All of her staff members are so well educated and good at what they do. I love that I can buy everything I need in one place. She has bioidentical hormones, skin care, pharmaceutical grade supplements, teas, high quality protein powders and more! Cannot say enough good about them!! 🙂

Charrisa H (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

It has been a pleasure working with Mary Ann. I was starting the
pre-menopausal hot flashes, not sleeping well and for some time,
didn't have my normal energy. Mary Ann got my hormones figured
out and also had me do a detox which made me feel so much
better. She has great advice about nutrition and making you the
best person you can be. I highly recommend her services, and
suggest that you do NOT wait until things get really bad; head
them off early so you can understand what is happening and have
a plan to get back on track.

Heidi Hunter (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

Its been my pleasure to know Maryann Simpson for the last 15 years. She's
always been there for me with the latest and greatest information concerning my
health needs. She is very approachable, friendly and thorough in her work and
can be counted on. I always look forward to my visits with her and I always learn
something new!

Leslie Shank (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

Hi Mary Ann,

I was your patient years ago at the UC Davis OBGYN clinic, and aside from my childhood pediatrician,
you are the first health care provider I've had that truly listened to me. I'm so glad I found your website.

Congratulations on your practice and the work you are doing to help women.
I have never forgotten about the care I received from you - and the inspiration you provided. I was
struggling with health problems and the stress of a teenager, but after leaving your office, I felt a huge sense of hope and possibilities for the future (especially in regards to choosing a career beyond
massage therapy, which I have done for years). After my son graduated from high school, I began
taking courses at Folsom Lake College, and next year I will be transferring to CSUS to study Health
Sciences with an emphasis in Community Health Education. My long-term goal is PA school, and
again, I must say, you have been a source of inspiration to me for this decision. Your kindness and
encouragement to think beyond the chapter of my life raising a child helped me think bigger, and it
planted a seed for planning for the future.

Donene Vukovich (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

As a person who enjoys an active and fun lifestyle I became very frustrated when I was unable to shed the pounds I had gained following the births of my two awesome children. I felt that if I just "did my best" then logically the weight would just come off. Not so. That's when I found Maryann Simpson. I wanted to take my health to the
next level so that I could be around to see my children's children grow. At this point I had a pretty lofty goal for fat loss and I was feeling very intimidated since occasional clean eating and exercise weren't exactly cutting it. I would have mild successes but nothing significant enough to improve my health. I had joint pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and many more adverse side effects from the extra weight I was carrying. Not to mention my favorite outfits no longer fit. This is when, with the help of Maryann, I decided to take control of my life and health and start her HCG program. I was ready, and willing to take this head on. Just one week into the program I felt so much better, sleeping like a rock and shedding weight fast! I was already starting to feel like myself again! And that fat loss success and healthy feeling just kept going through out the program. My experience with HCG is unparalleled with any other method of fat loss I've ever tried. It's so motivating to get quick results and that keeps you going! With the help and guidance of Maryann, HCG worked wonders for me! I was able to dig deep and find the root causes that were preventing me from living that fun, on-the- go lifestyle that I love! I am beyond grateful to have found this life changing program!! Can't thank you enough Maryann!

Katie Byrnes- HCG (Maryann Simpson, NP) salon owner and stylist July 13, 2016

Mary Ann is an outstanding nurse practitioner! She made a huge difference in the quality of my life with her expertise in hormone therapy.  She is exceptional with helping people; she displays a deep concern for your well-being and makes you feel important in her presence.  I would never go to any other doctor now that I have found her!

Tina S (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

I went to Maryann Simpson when my regular physicians prescribed the one-size- fits-all/we- can-adjust- the-dosage- in-6- months HRT. I knew I felt bad and could feel better. Simpson's credentials and experience meant I could trust her evaluation. My first office visit was unlike any I'd previously had. She actually LISTENED!!! I completed the hormone tests (easy and worth the nominal expense) and saw her when the results came in. I have been on her prescribed compounded HRT prescription and I've never felt better. I'd recommend her to anyone experiencing menopausal symptoms that aren't improving with conventional estrogen-only prescriptions.

Paula V (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

I love Mary Ann Simpson!  She takes the time necessary to get through the mystery of an aging body.  She listens and genuinely cares.  I recommend her to everyone!!


Shannon O'Brien (Maryann Simpson NP.) July 13, 2016

MaryAnn Simpson has helped me tremendously. My body was aging abnormally fast and I knew something was wrong. MaryAnn listened when I listed all my symptoms, and she made connections with them that others had missed. She gives great advice that you can follow to feel better, and orders the right pharmaceuticals if they are necessary. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with MaryAnn!


Amy H (Maryann Simpson, NP) July 13, 2016

I'm a 48y.o. female with an auto immune disease, chronic pain and hormone issues. I can honestly say that after working with Maryann for the first time 8/15 and getting on a regime of bioidentical hormones, LDN and supplements, my life has improved dramatically! The cost is comparative to other practitioners of this nature and Maryann's knowledge, compassion and assistance is invaluable. I've referred a number of friends, family and clients and will continue to.
I've also had opportunities to work with everyone else there to differing degrees and they are all remarkable.

Casandra McAlan- Hormones and Chronic Pain (Maryann Simpson, NP.) February 14, 2017

Im finding my answers! I have felt sick and chronically fatigued for far too long,  I finally found the advocate for my health. She is ready to take and help guide my journey. I will never go back to my Sutter PC, who kept insisting, 'oh, its just depression'  i have wasted so much time,  im glad I made it to 'The real nurse'.

Linda M- Hormones (Maryann Simpson, NP.) February 14, 2017

Mary Ann is an amazing NP!  I went to many doctors before her and they were terrible.  They did not listen to me, nor help me.  Mary Ann has been the only doctor I have seen who REALLY listens and cares!  She is knowledgeable in both Western medicine and Naturopathic/Holistic medicine so it is like having two doctors in one!  I have told many women about Mary Ann because she is so amazing! If you are a woman reading this review and are looking for an exceptional NP (who, in my opinion, is better than any doctor you will see), book an appointment with her.  I can tell you that you will not be disappointed and will most likely be telling your friends about her!


Briana A (Maryann Simpson, NP) February 14, 2017

Mary Ann Simpson is AMAZING! She actually spends time listening to your issues. She is kind and caring. If you are experiencing fatigue or brain fog, feeling lethargic, or are having a hard time losing weight, you might need to get your hormones checked. She offers bio-identical hormones or BHRT. And you can get the B12 with MIC shots at her office too! These shots give you more energy, improve your mood, decrease anxiety, and can help you loose weight. Mary Ann is a truly compassionate health care provider.


Melissa H (Maryann Simpson, NP) February 14, 2017

I wanted to let Maryann know that I am starting to regain my energy and enjoy my life again. I am experiencing less anxiety and am able to do things that were so difficult before such as track conversations, read for enjoyment, etc. I am generally feeling more alive, positive optimistic, and energetic. I know this is not the placebo effect since I feel it on a cellular, energetic level.

Thank you ALL for your support and the work that you do on behalf of the women in our community. I was very despondent when I came to you and now feel like I have hope and can actually successfully manage the menopause transition.

In deep gratitude and warm regards!

Kai (Maryann Simpson, NP) March 7, 2017

I cannot say enough good things about this place. I have been seeing Maryann since September of 2016. She totally saved me. I had thyroid issues and was suffering pretty bad. None of my medical doctors would listen to me and none would run a full panel on my thyroid despite my family history with thyroid issues. Maryann ran it. She found that I was in the early stages of Hashimotos. I'm so eternally grateful to her for not only finding this- but for always being so attentive to my health concerns and for always having valuable solutions to offer. She is such a great guide through this. She also found my mtfhr mutations and helped me learn how to live with those issues. She is kind, caring, attentive, and knowledgeable. She really cares about her clients. The staff at Embody Wellness are also very kind and so incredibly helpful.

I am so thankful this place exists! I have no doubt that they will help improve countless lives in our community for many years to come!

Sabina M (Maryann Simpson, NP) March 29, 2017

I've had the pleasure of seeing Mary Ann Simpson, NP for over 5 years.
She is personable and very helpful. I never feel rushed during my office visits and
she takes time to explain things and answer all my questions. She is very knowledgeable
and takes the time to share her knowledge with me. I would recommend her to anyone!

M.G. (Maryann Simpson, NP.) March 30, 2017

I love Mary Ann and the team at Embody Wellness. Now that my hormones and thyroid are getting in balance, I feel So much better! The supplements are helping too. It has been years of unbalance and now this has turned my life around. Prescription hormones no more! Bio-identical therapy really works. Thank you so much! I would recommend this to any woman ....And have!


Ladonna (Maryann Simpson, NP) April 17, 2017

I researched the HCG diet and found Embody Wellness and Mary Ann.  I was focused and wanted quick weight loss and very pleased with my results--18.5 pounds in 6 weeks.   The HCG Diet works--but you must remain focused and follow the program to a tee!  I’m extremely happy and grateful to Mary Ann!

Anne (Maryann Simpson, NP-HCG Weight Loss) June 22, 2017

This review is long, long overdue. I have been a patient of Mary Ann Simpson, since before she began her journey with Embody Wellness. Mary Ann’s treatment of me, prescribing just the right balance of hormone replacement therapy has literally given me my life back.

Menopause and perimenopause hit me particularly hard. I could barely function with nearly constant hot flashes, debilitating headaches and unbelievable brain fog. I have been using the hormone replacement cream since that time, tweaking it yearly to continue the right balance.

When I stop to count my blessings, I put Mary Ann and Embody Wellness at the top of my list. I have referred several friends who have been helped just as well. Deep thanks and stellar organization for all their excellent care!

Anonymous (Maryann Simpson, NP.) September 27, 2017

I want to express my immense gratitude to Maryann Simpson. I struggled with peri-menopausal, hormonal problems, and hypothyroid that was not addressed adequately with my PCP. At the initial appointment with Maryann, she actually listened to my symptoms, set up a plan, and started me out with bio-identical hormones that have made a very notable difference in my life. My energy level has returned, my sleep has improved, and I overall feel much so better! I’m very grateful I found her. With her experience and knowledge, I recommended her to anyone struggling with women's heath issues.

Marjorie de la Pena (Maryann Simpson, NP.) October 5, 2017

Mary Ann Simpson has been a great asset to my health moving forward in my aging process. I’ll let Kaiser take care of any broken bones but won’t let anyone manage my internal hormonal chemistry other than Mary Ann. I have so much confidence in her ability to guide me into my healthy, vibrant senior years.

Linda Bagnall (Maryann Simpson, NP.) October 19, 2017

Maryann has helped bring me to an all new health and well-being. I was told for years by so many doctors that “I’m fine” and must be depressed and tried to give me Vicodin. I told the doctors that I get fevers and they would say “well you shouldn’t get those”, and then did nothing and sent me on my way. I did the clear change detox and noticed quickly that I was feeling better. I lost 7lbs but what I was most happy about was how much better I was feeling.

I love the Annmarie skin care and love how soft my face feels. Im also loving the Factor Five Serum, I’ve noticed the fine wrinkles fading and over all feeling softer. Im so grateful to find a place that sells organic products that bring results.

Lisa Mac Farland September 4, 2018

I am so incredibly grateful to have found Mary Ann. I have struggled for years with crushing fatigue, depression and constant flu-like body pain. Every conventional health practitioner that I went to brushed it off as it just being a part of my career (I work in nursing on the night shift) or a just a side effect of single parenthood. I was beyond frustrated and felt very little hope that I would ever feel better, since not a single practitioner seemed to take my symptoms seriously. I felt like I was standing on my head, trying to get anyone to pay attention, as I was only 26 years old and continuing to get progressively worse.


Mary Ann was referred to me by another client who had seen her and raved about her. I was already a fan and follower of integrative medicine, so I was definitely willing to take the chance. As soon as I walked into the Embody  waiting room, I noticed that all the books on the coffee table were either books that I owned or books written by integrative practitioners that I was familiar with and respected. Instantly, I was at ease.


When I sat down in Mary Ann's office, I poured out my entire health story and she took notes and listened to every word. For the first time, I felt heard, legitimized, and taken seriously. Mary Ann took all my symptoms into account and came up with an action plan to get my health back on track. She didn't brush off the symptoms that were previously diagnosed under the catch-all diagnosis of "depression" or "single motherhood". She took them all into account.


I feel hopeful for the first time in years about getting my health back. I can't even remember the last time that I felt well, but I finally feel like I'm on the right track. I had the pleasure of having time to just chat with Mary Ann a few weeks ago as she was filling out some paperwork for me, and it was so refreshing to have someone who shared my beliefs about modern, conventional health care and its pitfalls. Mary Ann and I both share nursing backgrounds and it's so nice to know practitioners like her are out there!


Taryn September 4, 2018

Maryann Simpson has literally changed not only my physical wellbeing but also my mental wellbeing. She guided me through menopause and beyond. I have recommended her to our daughter and multiple co-workers and friends.

I am so grateful she has created a place for alternative options and I will continue to use her services for as long as needed. If you need help, look no more, she is compassionate, gentle, and professional. Five star service with a caring staff.


Sue McCracken October 24, 2018

I'm not sure I have the words to adequately describe the profound impact Embody Wellness has had. Bit by bit the old me is peeking through the curtain of pain and exhaustion. I can't thank Mary Ann and team enough for helping me and my family recover so much of what has been lost. After battling health issues for multiple years I finally went out of network. Based on a recommendation from a friend I scheduled an appointment with Mary Ann. I was a little nervous at my first appointment as I had never gone out of network before and my multi-year health battle had left little energy or hope. From the moment I walked in I felt valued, listened to, and more importantly, heard. Mary Ann spent more time with me in our first session than my primary doctor had over the years. I knew I was in the right place when Mary Ann encouraged me to be involved with my treatment plan, provided detail notes about what we discussed, what plans are, and what other things I should research or consider. I left that first appointment encouraged but after experiencing ups and downs with treatments before my enthusiasm was tempered. Boy was I in for a surprise. Within a few weeks of starting treatment my energy levels and exhaustion improved. A few weeks after that and I felt better than I have in years. I still have a long road ahead of me but Mary Ann and the Embody Wellness team have already transformed my life. I'm able to do things I used to be able to, like heading to the baseball field to work with my son, and actually ENJOY it instead of simply surviving through the pain. (Fellow chronic pain suffers will understand the magnitude of that statement!)

JD Morgan June 3, 2019

I was 40 & struggled for years with flashes & no energy. My OB said I was too young to have hot flashes or to be in menopause. At 45 I searched out another option & found Embody Wellness. MaryAnn balanced out my hormones & now I have almost no hot flashes & feel so good & my energy is back to where it was all those years ago. At 46 I workout 5 days a week & feel great. I also love their powdered drink Metagenics Ultra GI Replenish. Vanilla tastes so good. It’s helped replenish my gut. I have it after my workout in the morning & sometimes at night. I have my life back & feel so blessed to have found MaryAnn. Thank you!


Lisa Macfarlane June 3, 2019