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I received 1 Prolozone Injection and couldn’t be happier with the results.  It has been 2 weeks since my treatment from Dr. Hanson and the biggest difference I have noticed post procedure is the ability to walk down stairs without pain. After 7 right knee surgeries throughout my college football career the last thing I wanted to do was go back under the knife when my knee started locking up during recreational softball games.  I had a scope scheduled to clean out scare tissue but after weighing the cost vs benefits decided to hold off.  I would have had to max out my deductible ($5,000) for the surgery. The scary part is there was no guarantee a scope would improve my mobility. Thank goodness I waited and found an alternative treatment.

Thank you Embody Wellness and Dr. Hanson!


Erik Elkington-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

After shoulder surgery I struggled to make solid progress in the early months. Dr. Hanson and Embody wellness shared the benefits of Prolozone treatment. I felt amazing results within days. I've noticed a quicker recovery after workouts and much less pain than before. I'm now a firm believer in Ozone treatment.


Matt Pino-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

A member of my family suffered for 30 years with back pain and received significant pain relief after just one shot to his back. Completely amazing!

Tori Trask-Ozone Prolotherapy (Dr. Hanson)

I wanted to let you know that yesterday; the day after my first prolozone treatment I had about 60% less pain and today about 90%. It feels like a true miracle. This is the first time in 3 years that it doesn’t hurt to sneeze. Like you said “I may need a couple more treatments”. But for now I feel very appreciative. Thank you so much! (Back and hip pain)


Kristin Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

If you have any joint issues go see Dr. Hanson. He's amazing! I've been so happy with my progress and it is definitely life changing. He listens, has a great bedside manner, and knows what he's doing. I've had prolozone shots in my neck, shoulder, back. I wish I could inject every joint in my body. I have no idea why in 14 years, not one medical doctor has ever suggested ozone to me. They only wanted to give pain pills, steroids, sleeping pills, and anti depressants that don't fix the pain. Ozone is common practice in other countries and there is a study for discs being injected after 5 and 10 years which is very positive.

Apples C (yelp name) (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I just finished my 4th session with Dr. Hanson.  My shoulder is totally pain free, did not require treatment this session and is back to normal.  My hip that was diagnosed as needing replacement, is now 95% pain free and has allowed me to Alpine ski 5 times this winter and backcountry ski on a 3 day wilderness snow camp trip with a 50# pack.  Amazing results!  Thank you Dr. Hanson and Embody Wellness.

Jim Stoll-Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

I'm amazed how well and how quickly the “o-zone” works to eliminate pain. I suffer from a 12year old rotator cuff tear injury. After getting an injection recently, I was completely pain free in 48 hours. Now I can do my PT correctly and get my life back. Thanks, Barbara Z, Auburn.

Barbara Z (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Two weeks ago I received a prolozone injection from Dr. Hanson. I have had chronic back pain for twenty years with severe degenerative disc disease per x-ray and have seen doctors and taken nsaids. I had a recent exacerbation of back pain lasting about a month prior to the injection. Immediately After the prolozone injection my back pain was almost gone. I currently have no pain. If you have joint pain and want a treatment that actually heals the tissue I would recommend this to anyone. It is safe, pain free and inexpensive.

Casey O'keefe (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I have no remaining meniscus and as a result have severe osteoarthritis in both knees. I was scheduled for double knee replacement surgery in the Bay Area 18 months ago; however, about three weeks before my  scheduled surgery I had a consultation with Dr. Jeff. He suggested an alternative treatment of Prolozone injections. I began treatment with Dr. Jeff that day and felt such immediate improvement in reduction of knee pain and increased mobility that I cancelled the knee surgery. Routinely since then, about every six months I receive prolozone injections from Dr. Jeff in both knees. I have experienced similar positive results after each treatment. I have recommended others with joint problems to Dr. Jeff and they have also experienced similar results. Thanks, Dr. Jeff!!

Bill Butler (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Yes it was like a miracle. I have been struggling with TMJ for a while and went to a prosthodontist to get a splint fitted to correct it ($2400) and it will take a year and a half to correct. I go to Dr. Hanson and get one shot of prolozone and the jaw is totally pain free and also my tooth stopped hurting which was affected by the TMJ pain. I thank my dentist Dr. Saffari for referring me to your office. I understand that this treatment is supposed to rebuild and repair the joint so that will be great no to have to suffer this TMJ pain again.

Thank you so much!

Dori Childress-Prolozone (Dr.Hanson)

I began seeing Dr. Hanson for neck problems so severe I could not lift anything over 10lbs. If I did too much or lifted something I had a severe headache for two days. I have come in 4-5 times for prolozone injections and now have my life back. I can lift, keep my head turned for extended periods of time and after hip injections sleep on my side again! I suffered for 4 years with nothing the doctors could do. My life is changed.


Bet Kolstad-Prolozone (Dr. Hanson)

Hello Doc,

This is Richard from Quebec, Canada. Two years ago I was due for surgery and instead chose to get a shot of prolozone from you and never had issues with my knee again, it’s been two years. Just wanted to thank you!


Richard Daigle (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

I am happy to report that my pain is down from a 10 to a 1 after my
Prolozone shots.. Thank you so much!

Nick Gardner (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Hello my name is Cindy; my journey to health began over 20 years ago at around age 30.  I was a young mother of three living what seemed to be a dream life when I began feeling ill. My feet and ankles would swell to the point, I could not wear shoes, not to mention the pain that kind of swelling causes. I also had so much pain in my wrists that I had to wear wrist braces on both hands. I had difficulty holding a 16 oz glass of water using both hands. I began loosing my hair and continued to have unexplainable weight gain; I also suffered from serious mood swings, several Dr.s wanted to dismiss some of these symptoms to menopause and stated that its just part of life. I looked and felt very old and decrepit

I had been put through all the tests including … heart evaluations and multiple blood tests that came out  " NORMAL" and even a trip to the Mayo clinic to find out what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with fibromyaligia and Lupus, but still this did not explain all that was wrong with me. With nowhere to turn for answers I began my journey by simply eating real food and eliminating chemicals. I made my first appointment with a naturopath who informed me that the body wants to heal itself but needs the proper nutrition to do so. Many of our foods today lack the nutrition we need because of the poor soil conditions; which means we have to be more diligent about where we get and what kind of foods we put into our body. I began feeling better.

I since have relocated from my journeys beginnings and had to find someone to guide me to complete wellness and I found Maryann. She has taught me even more about how the body works and re-enforced some of what I had already have learned. THE BODY WORKS AS A WHOLE AND TO TREAT JUST ONE   PART OR SYMPTOM MIGHT NOT FIX THE REAL PROBLEM. SYMPTOMS ARE JUST THE MESSAGE SYSTEM OUR BODIES HAVE TO LET US KNOW THERE IS A MALFUNCTION. I now do not have the pain or the swelling or any of those terrible symptoms that were so disabling to me. I have lost over 50 lbs and feel like I can meet the challenges life has to offer.


On another note not that having health issues isn't enough I also was in a car accident that made my face go numb with loss of use of my right hand and also my lower back became so unstable that I could not walk 5 houses down the street without wetting my pants or loosing feeling in my legs. I had an MRI done and the neurosurgeon wanted to fuse my spine. I knew there had to be another way, being that I had been on such a journey with my health and found real results.   I did some research and found prolo therapy, what did I have to loose, if it didn't work?  The life limiting surgery, never be able to do things like riding a horse, snow ski or motorcycle amongst some of my favorites, would still be waiting for me. Surgery meant I could not do things, not that I could right then but I still had hope of the possibility of re gaining full mobility. Surgery would eliminate that possibility. So I started with prolo therapy about 2 years ago and had about 8 treatments. It took a while because the injury was so bad. Improvements were slow but steady and taking the first walk down the street without wetting my pants was excitedly welcomed. By the way prolo therapy hurts a lot. When DR. Hanson joined with Embody Wellness not only was it closer for me but also I trusted Maryann so I decided to give it a try.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE  Prolozone is an amazing therapy!!! Not only does it hurt a whole lot less than regular prolo but also there are comparatively less shots, for example with prolo there is a bout 25 shots to treat an area while prolozone needs only one or two to treat the same area.  I also feel that the amount of improvement from each treatment is greater.  When I would get prolo done I would be out of commission for three days not able to walk, with prolozone I drive myself and within a few hours feel better.

I am now free from the ailments that kept me imprisoned in my sick and broken body and can live a fulfilling life, So if you ever have the chance to meet me in person I will probably be on the snowy ski slopes, in the back woods on my horse or riding my four-wheeler up and down the highest sand duns, feeling and looking great. I will tell you, " IT WORKED!!"

If your contemplating; How to get well, I have no hesitation in guiding you to Maryann or Dr Hanson, depending on what ails you, but always remember the body is all connected and it needs good nutrition and balance to heal internally and physically. It takes time and work. I have the whole world of possibilities waiting for me… Why settle for anything less?



Sincerely Cindy  "Free at last"


Cindy Holden (Maryann Simpson, NP and Dr. Hanson)

First Treatment for my husbands back pain was reduced  over 50% within one week... then 75% within 3 weeks!   Amazing. We both are thrilled! They recommend another for more improvement!

I will post again soon!  My husband had back issues for decades and he is singing the praises of Dr Hansen!  He's on maintenance and is very happy!  Highly recommend to try before contemplating surgery!!

Gloria B (Dr. Hanson-Prolozone)

Hi Dr. Jeff this is Jon Tom –you gave a prolozone treatment to my mom Jean and girlfriend Lori on Monday. Just wanted to let you know that both have been great successes! Jean literally woke up yesterday and just got right up out of bed and has been walking around and getting up from sitting like she never had the condition; and Lori said her knee felt like she was 15. Thanks for your professionalism and skill!

Jon Tom (Prolozone-Dr. Hanson)

My mom’s knee surgery was scheduled for tomorrow, Oct 31st. I am happy to report that she has cancelled her surgery. She is doing much better and is continuing to improve. Had it not been for your treatments she would be getting ready for surgery now. Thank you so much for all that you do to help assist the body to heal itself and allow patients to lead a normal life again.